Monday, March 31, 2014

Where Great Ideas Hatch Into Great Books

If there's one thing every successful author knows, it's this: hatching a great book is a team effort. While much of the creative process is solitary work, getting a book ready for publication takes fresh eyes and new perspectives. Whether you are pursuing self-publishing or seeking an agent, we would like to help your book take flight.

Our goal is to help fellow authors succeed with their publishing goals by offering them great services at a very low price.

What We Do

Step One
Content Editing: We will evaluate your manuscript for pacing, plot holes, character likeability and inconsistencies, and general flow.  The focus of this edit is the structure of your book.

Our introductory pricing is comprehensive and affordable: just $.0025 per word (approximately $.63 per page). 

 Step Two

Copy Editing: We will scour your manuscript for typos, grammatical errors, awkward sentence structure and punctuation mistakes. This is also called a line edit.

Introductory pricing for copy editing is the same as above: $.0025 per word (approximately $.63 per page). 

Package Pricing
Contract with us for both content editing and copy editing, and you will only pay $.004 per word for both services (approximately $1.00 per page). See examples below.

 Inky's Nest Introductory Pricing Samples

10,000 words
30,000 words
50,000 words
One Editor

$.0025 per word


Both Content Editing and Copy Editing

$.004 per word

Additional Services
Receive a 10% discount on each of the following services by adding them to the original contract (when contracting for either Content Editing, Copy Editing, or both).

Experienced Beta Reading:  
-Gain constructive feedback from our resident best-selling author Nicholas G. Simsion. He will give your early draft an invaluable checkup to help you create your best story possible. Cost is $5 per 10,000 words (rounding up or down to the nearest 10,000), or a minimum of $25.

 -We offer e-book formatting for just $50 for books up to 100,000 words.
 -We offer basic print book formatting for $200. This service includes creating the design you need with professional-looking page numbers, page layout, chapter headings, etc.—preparing the full interior of the book. More customized work is also available for additional fees.